Jerky Girls Vol. 45 - Get The Cum Out

Studio: JerkyGirls

Video language: English

1.Clip Title- The Nanny!!
Mrs. Cook has hired a "Nanny" to aid out around the abode whilst She is at work. Mrs. Cook introduces Her son to the fresh Nanny....and goes off to work. As Sharon, the Nanny is going about Her cleaning....She notices that the juvenile lad is staring at Her.....actually....staring at Her Enormous Tits!!!! Sharon is used to happens all the time....especially with youthful boyz, who's hormones are furious!!! Sharon matter of factly goes over to the youthful boy...."OK, c'mon....let's receive this over're staring at My Big Tits....and I know you're not plan to stop until u I'm plan to masturbate you". Sharon takes the youthful boy's panties down and starts to Masturbate him.....while showing him Her Enormous Tits. She encourages the youngster to "stare: at them....and just as She expected.....the chap ejaculates just now!!! Sharon hardly touches the boy....and Her Big Tits do their stuff.......a Quick, Premature Ejaculation!!!!

Video: 852 x 480 (53:30)
Run Time: 29 min / 248,04 MB


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